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Auckland Beaches: The Rules

Although NZ.Com cannot take any responsibility for harm that may come to travellers as a result of information contained in these pages, we provide here some advice that may help make your trip to the beach safe, pleasant and legal.


TAKE CARE - powerful rips and swells make the western beaches ROUGH. Swim only between the flags. There are lifeguards on duty every weekend between late October and Easter, and every day between late December and late January. Avoid calm patches of water in the surf - they're rips travelling out to sea.
  • Watch children at all times.
  • Be careful when fishing or clambering on the rocks - large waves can sweep you off.
  • Boaties should wear a lifejacket.
  • Boogie-boarders should have a leash, fins or flippers, and ideally a wetsuit for buoyancy.


In New Zealand, the burn time is much shorter than in many other parts of the world. The high-risk hours are between 11 and 4 from October to March. If you can't avoid the sun during these times, wear a hat, sunscreen and glasses.


  • Keep left on the narrow roads into the beaches, and be ready for idiots who don't.
  • Honk as you go around blind corners.
  • Be aware that some of the steeper roads will be hard on your brakes.
  • The country roads can be confusing - take a good map.


See the Visitors Centre for advice and maps before you set off Find out about the tides before starting coastal walks or you may be stranded.


Get a permit from the Visitors Centre before camping in most areas.

Large Groups

Get a permit from the Visitors Centre for any activities involving groups of over 30.


No open fires - bring a barbecue and use it on the sites provided.

Pack In, Pack Out

Take out whatever you take in - the council is removing bins to encourage the habit.


Dogs can be a risk to birds, plants and animals - especially penguins. Dogs are welcome only on a lead or under other restrictions, and sometimes banned completely. Check the signs on each beach for the rules.


Keep off the sand dunes - they disintegrate easily under human traffic. Use the paths provided - wheels, feet and hooves damage plants and disturb birds.

Fish and Shellfish

Shellfish stocks need protection. There are various bans on taking shellfish at many beaches. Check the signs for details.

Recreational fishing is allowed on a take-only-what-you-can-eat basis.

Mountain Biking

No bikers allowed in the Waitakeres - but there are great tracks in the nearby Hunuas.

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